TRAVEL | Norway, Trolltunga hike

On 2016 08 12-15 group of crazy, absolutely unprepared youngsters decided to take a chance and hike on one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway

Our trip started from visiting Oslo in Norway. Video: Norway day 1 | Oslo

Oslo as a city left me few impressions. first of all I was not expecting this city look so empty. Second thing there are a lot of different races of people living. This kind of surprise I could imagine in Germany, but not in Norway. In general the city was looking modern with some rare old buildings. It is expensive place but worth to visit at least one time. 

Second day was the biggest challenge because finally we will be hiking to Trolltunga. Let's take a look how our way to this place looks like. After leaving Oslo, beautiful landscape opens for travelers. Norway is full of beautiful, breathtaking nature, hills and crazy serpentine roads. Video: Norway: day 2 | Trolltunga

At 10.10 a.m. we started our crazy hike. First kilometer was the hardest, because we had to climb trough absolutely untouched by human hand way. Everything was wet, muddy, slippery. But after the hard way was over we had few kilometers of easy way. 

The beauty of nature took us by heart.We walked around 6-7 hours till we reached our goal - Trolltunga cliff. But the journey was absolutely amazing because of few reasons:
  • we learned our abilities to survive in the middle of nowhere
  • we learned that you don't need to panic because in the end you are all alone :)
  • we learned that friendship is more than just hanging out in the city or going to cinema
Everyone took some good lessons from this hike and the most important everyone had such a great time even tough we were super exhausted when we came back to civilization. 

What we experienced:

  • it took us 12 hours to come around 24 kilometers
  • we always had fresh water on the road from waterfalls
  • we realize that the most important is not the physical shape but GOOD shoes and comfortable clothes
  • do not forget raincoat and some snacks
  • do not give up in the middle of the road it is amazing experience
  • you can do more and go more far than you can imagine right now
  • don't leave your friends but give them space
  • there is no point to panic
  • everything will end anyways
These lessons you can take with you to the real world in your daily life. This trip was all about finding yourself as a person and realizing how much we can do. I cleared my head 100 % during this trip and now I can see everything clearly in beautiful colors.
Next morning we woke up with the view like this and after breakfast we took a small trip to the city named Odda. Trolltunga cliff is also located in this same city.

Odda city is really beautiful, small place to relax after big hike. We saw the most beautiful waterfalls and experienced the great nature around us. It is a must to take a look around this place!

Our trip ended in friends house by making barbecue. It was such a great experience to all of us! If you ever have a chance to visit Trolltunga - do not hesitate. It is really hard, emotionally and physically but totally worth it in the end.

Thank you for reading and we hope that next time YOU will have courage to take this hike!