When I left my country on 25th of August to small journey I never imagined it will be the best summer of my life. Okay it was end of summer, but still it was the best.

I wish to write about my trip to Spain, Italy, Germany about some major changes in my life, about how dreams come true and how God is talking with me without me even noticing that.

To make it super short I just want to let you all know that DREAMS COME TRUE. I know that in some places of my life I was not thinking like that, or even worse - I was afraid to dream. Because sometimes people have big dreams, sometimes small ones. We are more likely to be afraid of big things: big changes, big animals, big emotions and etc. But sometimes it happens just like that. If it is meant to be you can try to ignore it, but in the it will happen anyways. 
What I could do in this situation? Sit still, smile and watch how my life is happening like a movie. A beautiful movie of course. And beautiful movies also have some sad moments, but it still beautiful.

For me, the girl from two room flat, with 2 parents and two animals, I could say I got a golden ticket. First of all I got golden ticket when I realize that I am "go hard optimist" and there is no one who can prove me that life is not beautiful.

Second part of my golden ticket happened when I found God. This time I found him as my friend and supporter not only the "someone I can ask to help with my studies". Yes it was a time when in my small head I thought  that God is only for asking. Unfortunately God is giving when you are giving (!).
The golden ticket is still not over, because in these few weeks so many beautiful things happened for me that I can't even describe in one post.

So I will share my most beautiful moments from Spain, Italy and Germany in further posts.

I wish you all beautiful evening, and please never stop believing. 

With love,

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