INSPIRATION | big changes

In our young age we have learned that most of the responsibilities will lean on our parents shoulders. They have to pay for food, house, taxes and other things. What we had to do is to go to school and save up some money if we wanted to buy something special for ourselves.

Today when most of us are over 22 years old, finished school/university and started our own life we have to accept a lot of stress everyday. One of the biggest challenge we have to deal - to make our own decisions.

In our society people are always thinking in two ways: "you are loser without job in this time? what are you doing with your life? how you imagine to pay your own bills and so on? The earlier you start to work the better it will be for you." Second part thinks more liberally "try to make your own way, imagine that you are already 22 years old and you will work this work for ever. Why not to try something new? Why not to take some risk and challenge yourself? You will survive anyways. Just take every chance in life and don't be afraid !" I have a good example of people who spent over 20 years working from 8 to 5, 5 days per week. I can't imagine myself in this position because of few reasons:

  • I want more from life than just give myself to someone to whom I am earning money
  • I wish to manage my own time, to find time to read, to create, to travel, to help people
  • I don't want to waste my days and time in the same office for the long years because it is simply not worth anything
  • To survive we don't need to close ourselves in safe box and stay there for ever

Of course there are some people who always had a dream to work in some not dynamical places - and that is perfectly fine, they are living their dream and to work from 8 to 5 is just good for them. And I am happy for them, but this is not the place I see myself.

In our young age especially we can make biggest decisions who can create for ourselves a great path to walk during our life. How to know if the path you are today is good for you? Answer these questions to yourself and take a look how you are feeling:

1. What was the reason for you to wake up this morning?
2. Are you super excited to go back to your working place tomorrow?
3. Is it worth your precious time to work for someone else?
4. How often you are thinking about starting your own business?
5. Are you happy?

These questions is really simple  but at the same time super hard to answer sometimes. My answers would be something like:

1. I wish to see what this beautiful day has prepared for me!
2. I am not excited but it is not the worst thing that could happen tomorrow.
3. No it is not. I am not lifting my nose up I just have other plans in life and that is OK.
4. I wish to create something that I could remember and it would be useful for others.
5. Yes I am. No doubt.

These answers could be changed everyday because life also changes everyday. But if you know that you are stuck in some place for too long - just MOVE ON. You will survive with money that you have, you will have food to eat tomorrow, and the most important you will FIND YOUR PLACE when it is the RIGHT TIME for that.

Of course we can't make good decisions all the time and sometimes we will regret things - but if you are trying that means you are moving forward. If you decide to stay in safe place - you are moving backwards and that is definitely not what you need.

Just value the life and days you are given, because tomorrow is not promised to anyone :)

With love,