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Netlifx presents new documentary movie called "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru". Normally I am not interested in this kind of entertainment because I believe that those "life motivators" are a little bit crazy sometimes. I am not even talking about religious motivators, who lean on Holy Spirit, God and believe they can see angels, because this is more of craziness than really helpful thing for people.

This documentary is about a man who is extremely energetic, he looks like the whole universe is coming out from his mouth when he speaks and etc. But what is the really thing behind everything? It is not a charming man, but the audience who came to listen to him. These people, poor people -- they are the ones who matter.

What touched my heart the most is the people from young age till over 80 years, who are looking for answers, for help, for a friend. On them the world is spinning. They are not quitters, they are not losers, they are future.

To be weak and to drown in sorrow is the easiest way, because you don't need to move a finger for that. But to be a fighter is a gift. To fight for yourself, for who you want to be, for your friends, family - that is the real power.

To accept that you have problems, tell them to someone, have courage to ask for help - you are the real hero. We all have our demons. Some are afraid of dead, others scared to be alone and so on. But to ask for help, to look for answers and solutions that is the big battle we are fighting everyday.

If you are feeling like you are about to quit - think again. You are not alone in this big world. And by that I mean that there are at least 1000 people who are struggling with absolutely identical issues that you have. You just have to look for them, find them and connect.

People are meant to be with others so they could share feelings, happiness and sadness. We are not meant to be alone that is why to seek for help is not a shame, but normal reaction of living process.

Yes people will hurt you, they will laugh at you and they will probably judge you a lot, but they are just one side of the story. Other side of the story is the ones who will understand you, follow you, support you and be happy for you.

Focus on good things and learn from bad ones. Do not keep anger in yourself, let it go. Don't hate people but always try to understand them. We are who we are because of our early life's experiences and no one has a right to judge us for that. Some of us even had no chance to make a decision. Some of us had, but who says that all our decisions should be correct? Life is not about being always right, life is about making mistakes and LEARNING from them.

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