BOOKS | that heal your soul

I am sure there are no one who haven't heard about this famous book by Laurent Gounelle: 

  • "Les Dieux Voyagent Toujours Incognito" engl. "The Man Who Risked It All", lit. "Dievas visada keliauja incognito". 

This book might look like one of the popular books about nothing and everything but the main idea of this book is inside of all of us. When you start to read this book the first part looks so dark and pessimistic, but with every page the light comes inside and in the end after the last page - you are different. Not in the way of radical changes but you are different because this book make you think about what is the meaning of you. 

The main points of this book are : forgiveness, courage to change your life, acceptance of losing someone and acceptance of yourself.

I would recommend this book for everyone. You don't have to be lover of God to like this book and if you love God this book will make you even more happy.

People who live with God know that they are never alone and that is super okay. People who still haven't found Him are looking for other ways to find themselves. It is not important if you believe in God or not, it is important to create your own happiness. You can do that by loving yourself as you are, by letting yourself go in to unknown places and by finding yourself again.

In my personal case I was always scared to be alone, to go outside alone, to be alone in the city and etc. I always was surrounded by people and most of the time I was feeling not satisfied but still too scared to be alone. Thanks to my Savior I learned how to be alone and the most important - how to be HAPPY alone. After that I am more than ready to start new relationship with my soulmate - and I know that this will last for a lifetime. 

Be brave to change, be brave to take new chances and be brave to love yourself as you are.

With love,


  1. Anonymous11/8/16 14:45

    And your soulmate is ready for you my angel <3
    With love your Eduardo :*