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In my dreams I was always building my house according to simple plan - Two floor house, big bedroom, giant kitchen and other rooms. Maybe some dreams will come true, or just inspire others. 

Giant kitchen - for every woman probably is some kind of dream. Kitchen is magical place for few important reasons - first of all the most delicious food are made in this place. 

Every man and child is the most happy to see while his mom/wife is cooking. Even if some woman will say that her place is not in kitchen - it is not true, because we all love to swing there, to make our coffee in the morning or some delicious food for friends and family.

Below you can find some inspiring pictures of table in the middle of the kitchen. 

This table is super good idea for kitchens without additional dining room. This place would invite all family together to spent time while food being made. Also it is perfect place for breakfast and romantic dinners. 

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  1. Anonymous11/8/16 14:51

    Hey baby,
    don´t forget that I have to build our house and I am not sure about the cozy reading place and this kind of kitchens you like :P
    But if you will be good with me as always and still always making me happy, I will see what I can do for you my amazing girl :)
    I love you! Your Eduardo

    1. Yes yes yes, I will and you will :)