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Since March, after I started to work in new place, my daily routine changed. I started to spent at least one hour in the bus going back and forth to my working place. First few days I spent time just watching though the window and checking people and places, but later I realize that this time I could use much more productively. 

I went to my friend and took few books from her shelf. And since than I can't stop to read. In 4 months I already read 12 books and at least 10 are waiting in line for me.

I would like to share my list of already read books and short comment how this book changed something in me.


  • Thomas Keneally -  Schindler's list.
This book I should have read 10 years ago at least, but it came to my hands just now. I know that people are different and we all like different things, but this book is something more than just a story about some genocide victims. This book proved me once again that good people exists and all you have to do is to open your heart for others and stop to think about your own good.

  • Laurent Gounelle - The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy
This book is about finding yourself and creating yourself again. Sometimes we can feel like we have nothing to lose, nothing to live for, but it is not true. We still and always have ourselves and to make ourselves happy is one of the ways to make other people happy as well. 

  • R.A. Torrey - How to pray
For everyone who is praying at night and who believes that God can do miracles - this book makes it even more easy to believe and shows the right ways to pray. After I have read this book and took it's advises - one of the most beautiful miracle happened for me. How you can deny the love from above?

This is just a small part of books in my list, but these I believe, made one of the biggest impressions for me so far.

Everyone is welcome to share their best books, I will be more than happy to fill my library.


With love,

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