INTRO | What is this all about?

Dear people of internet,

I am more than happy to be back in business with blogging. Since 2010 I am the member of and since 2014 I haven't wrote any article in here because my life was not about blogging at that moment.
But I could honestly say that I was thinking about blogging more than often and now finally, this rainy summer's Friday I am typing again.

I wish to let myself and all of you know - that since my first blogging about outfits, inspirations and other stuff related to fashion - I have changed a lot. On 2010 when I first time logged in here I was just finished school and was looking for new things in my life. Now I officially finished Master of Laws and after 6 years - I am again looking for some new things in my life. But this time I am sure where I stand, where I want to be and what I want to do.

My blog is called - always happy, because that is what I am. Always happy, even in the darkest time, always happy for other people and for me. Always happy because yes - some people can be happy, especially when they have such a beautiful relationship with God.

What is this all about? It is all about inspiration. My life without inspiration is no-thin-g. So I wish to inspire people, to make people happy, to make them feel good about themselves, and prepare for beautiful things that are waiting ahead. Why I can do that? Because I am super inspired with my life and with beautiful things that waiting for me. Oh man, life is beautiful. I hope you also can see that.

With Love,


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    1. Taaip, jau seniai norėjau ir vis pagalvodavau, bet kažkaip nebuvo įkvėpimo rašyti. O dabar naujos gyvenimo permainos ir aš pilna minčių :))

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    3. Smagu girdėti! :)

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