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People always looking for some place they can call home. But what make our home feel like it is our place, where we want to be?

I would say few things - your human or family, your lovely animal or kids, maybe your friends you live with or maybe just environment. Some people also say that home is not a place, not an address but a feeling - and I couldn't agree more. 

Anyways this feeling will always follow you whenever you are and that is great, but now let's check something what is more than just a feeling. I wish to share with you and myself some great home decor ideas - for all of our future home :)

Let's talk about some cozy reading places you can make in your own house.

These kind of small reading corners is not hard to make and it takes no additional place in the house. As you can see these corners mostly are made instead of windowsill. 

Some advantages of this place is also that the natural light from window can come in easily, and it makes our reading more healthy and better for our eyes.

Secondary, this place is super cozy and you make make it anywhere you want - in the kitchen, in the living room, upstairs, near bathroom.

Moreover, instead of walls you can make book shelf and put all your beloved books there, so you don't need to use extra place in home to put some big bookshelf and put there all your stuff.

And the last one is that this kind of reading corner will make your house look much more interesting than typical book shelf and some comfy chair in the middle of the room. :)

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