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If you say that you believe in destiny - you know that some things happen very unexpected. Other things happen after you have been asking for them few years.

To live with different fears in life it's interesting - but mostly when I fear of something I am always hoping that this fear will never come true. And mostly of them don't.

Maybe that is the reason why it's sometimes really hard for me to express my real emotions to certain people. But it was not always like that. Before I got burned 1000 times, I was always talking too much and getting not the response I was hoping to get. So years went by and now I can say that my emotions are somewhere deep inside me and only sometimes I can express them out loud. To special people.

To be naive and open to everyone is weakness. Why? Because people will use it. I am not thinking that all people are bad and ready to use me, but they just can do that if they see opportunity. That is why it is better to stay with mouth shut, but open heart.

Every time someone special will come in to your life - you will know it. And for that person you can open your feelings and he/she will not use it, because these feelings will be made special for him/her. 

With time I realize that special people who were sent to me by God will always find way to me, and I don't need to spread myself to the left and to the right all the time to keep them. They will just stay, because that is how it should be.

And for the end. If you look back at yourself few years ago, even few months ago and thinking - Oh, how could I be so stupid. Now I would never do that... That is really good, because that means that you grew up! And there is nothing more worse than acting the same, and thinking the same few years in the row. You have to grow up, to improve.

Let's not be afraid of changes together. Life is not that long to be scared - life is short enough to explore and to find happiness in small things.

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